Web Cams for Young Learners
Applications Fair*
TESOL 2003


The effect of providing an inexpensive web cam for each computer station is that each computer station has its own digital camcorder.

With web cams, young learners can create their own video-based messages to incorporate into a variety of constructivist projects. Students can work individually or in small groups to create short digital videos, which may consist of self-introductions, dialogs, dramatic skits, or interviews.


The videos are quite easy to make, and once the files are created, they can be used in multimedia portfolios, kiosks, or websites. Teachers find that digital video files provide a convenient way to evaluate student performance. If a high-speed Internet connection is available, the web cams can also be used for video teleconferencing.

Possible activities:

– Self introductions
– Response to cues:

– Singing songs

– Role plays:


– Teacher makes videos to be used as prompts for the students; students watch them and make their own videos.

Note: Videos can be inserted into PowerPoint or Word documents.


*Presentation at the TESOL 2003 Applications Fair in Baltimore, March 27, 2003

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