Claire Bradin Siskin
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Professional Activities & Affiliations


Personal Information

Teaching and Research:

2016: English Language Specialist, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Juárez, Mexico

2015: Visiting Professor, Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2013 - 2014:

Senior English Language Fellow, Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh, India

2000 - 2009:

Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh

Taught Introduction to Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Aspects of Language

  1992 - 1993: Teaching Assistant and CALL Coordinator, English Language Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing
  1980 - 1992:

Senior Instructor of English, Economics Institute, University of Colorado at Boulder

Taught English in 1983, 1985, 1986, and 1987 in the Institute's satellite program in Jakarta, Indonesia


Administrative Experience:

  2015 - Applications Reviewer, English Language Fellow Program
  2010 - 2012: Director, ESL Writing Online Workshop, Excelsior College
  2000 - 2009:

Director, Robert Henderson Language Media Center, University of Pittsburgh

  1996 - 1997:

Assistant Director for Technology Implementation, National Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR), Michigan State University, East Lansing


Coordinator for Foreign Language Instructional Technology, Language Learning Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing

  1994 - 1996:

Graduate Assistant and Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Coordinator, Language Learning Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing

  1991 - 1992:

Language Media Center Coordinator, English Department, Economics Institute, University of Colorado at Boulder

  1984 - 1992:

Computer-Assisted Instruction Coordinator, English Department, Economics Institute, University of Colorado at Boulder

  1990 - 1991: Associate Chair, English Department, Economics Institute, University of Colorado at Boulder; Acting Chair one term
  1987: Chief of Party in Economic Institute's satellite program in Jakarta, Indonesia
  ABD, Michigan State University
    Areas of concentration: Second language acquisition, TESOL, Computer-assisted language learning
  CALICO Summer Institute on Videodisc Technology , Brigham Young University
  M.A., University of Florida (Major: Spanish)
    Thesis: "Balanced Phrasing in Diego de San Pedro's Cárcel de amor"
  Diploma in Portuguese Language and Culture, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  B.A., University of Florida (Major: Spanish)
  English: Native speaker
  Portuguese: Fluent
  Spanish: Fluent
  French: Intermediate level
  Indonesian: Survival level
  Also studied: Latin, Russian, and Greek

  2010: WorldCALL: International perspectives on Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Levy, Mike, Françoise Blin, Claire Bradin Siskin, Osamu Takeuchi (Eds.), Routledge.
  2008: Technologies for Leaders in ELT. With Emily Reynolds. In Leadership in English Language Teaching and Learning, Coombe, Christine, Mary Lou McCloskey, Lauren Stephenson and Neil Anderson (Eds.), University of Michigan Press.
  2004: Another look at tutorial CALL (with Philip Hubbard), ReCALL Journal, Vol 16, 2, 448-461.
  2000: Using CALL: What's the Payoff? American Language Review, March/April 2000, 76-77.
  2000: Review of WORLDCALL: Global Perspectives on Computer-Assisted Language Learning, in Journal for Educational Computing Research, 2000, 22(3).
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  1999: Instructional aspects of software evaluation. (1999) In J. Egbert & E. Hanson-Smith (Eds.), CALL Environments: Research, Practice, and Critical Issues. Alexandria: TESOL.
  1999: Review of Oral Language Archive. (1999). In Language Learning & Technology Journal, 2, 2, 16-22.
  1996: How second language learners utilize input in CALL. (1996). In F. Borchardt, C. Bradin, E. Johnson, & L. Rhodes (Eds.), Proceedings of the Computer Assisted Learning and Instruction Consortium 1996 Annual Symposium "Distance Learning," Durham, NC: Duke University,17-21.
  1994: Review of M. Pennington & V. Stevens (1992). Computers in applied linguistics: An international perspective, in Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 16, 1, 108-109.
  1993: Don't use a computer: A rationale for appropriate technology in CALL evangelism. (1993). In F. Borchardt & E. Johnson (Eds.), Proceedings of the Computer Assisted Learning and Instruction Consortium 1993 Annual Symposium on "Assessment," Durham, NC: Duke University, 21-23 (with M. Siskin).
  1992: Review of P. Dunkel (Ed.) (1991). Computer-assisted language learning: Research issues and practice. New York: Newbury House, in CAELL Journal, 3, 1, 28-29.
  1989: The Computer as Electronic Blackboard. CALL Digest, June 1989, Vol. 5, No. 4.
  1987: CAI at the Economics Institute. CALL Digest, February 1987, Vol. 3, No. 2 . (This article also appeared in Japanese in Micro and CAI, May, 1987).

Software Development, Web Design, & Curriculum Development:

  2018 - 2019: Curriculum development at ReBootKamp, Amman, Jordan
  2015 - 2018: Head team at Daffodil International University to develop brimmEng, a smartphone app to provide English language practice
  2013 - 2014: Developed online course for Post-Graduate Certificate for Teachers of English (PGTE), Regional Institute of English, Northern India, Chandigarh
  2010 - 2012: Director, ESL Writing Online Workshop, Excelsior College
  2006 - 2009:

Director, University of Pittsburgh Oral Proficiency Language Assessment Instrument (UPOLAI) Project

  2007 - 2008: Audio Tutorial for Revolution (now "Audio Tutorial for LiveCode")
  2006 - 2007: Software modules for the Fluency Project of the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center
  2006: Revolution Templates for Language Learning (now "LiveCode Templates for Language Learning")
  2006: Software module for the grammar component of the ESL Learnlab project of the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center
  2005: Students’ and teachers’ software modules for the “ESL student self-correction of student-recorded speaking activities,” a project of the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center
  2003: Headed design team for Department of Linguistics website at the University of Pittsburgh
  2001: Designed and developed website for Robert Henderson Language Media Center at the University of Pittsburgh
  2001: CALL Software Evaluation Exercise
  1998: HyperCard Templates for Language Learning
  1996 - 1997:

Headed design team for Language Learning & Technology, a journal on the World Wide Web

  1995 - 1997:

Developed and maintained the following websites at Michigan State University:

Center for Language Education and Research
Department of Languages and Linguistics
English Language Center
Language Learning Center
Michigan Foreign Language Association

  1995: "Viaje a México" and "Viaje a Costa Rica" (for Spanish 102 course at Michigan State University.)
  1994: Co-directed "English 400-I Multimedia CD-ROM Project" for English Language Center, Michigan State University, in which ESL students produced their own CD-ROM
  1992: ESL listening comprehension software for the Economics Institute
  1991: "Student Orientation" software for the Economics Institute
  1990: "Privacy," cultural orientation software for the Economics Institute
  1989: "TOEFL Preparation Software" (software presented at the CALL Authors' Showcase), TESOL Conference, San Antonio
  1986: "The American Culture Quiz" (presented at the Software Fair), TESOL Conference, Anaheim
  1985: "ESP Economics" (presented at the Software Fair), TESOL, New York

Invited Talks:

2021: The Role of Teachers in Using CALL for Quality Education "(webinar), Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco.

2021: "Demystifying Digital Literacy and Autonomous Learning" (webinar), University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibri-Oman.

"Autonomous Learners Don’t Have to Be Alone"  (webinar), Blue Ocean Online TESOL Conference.

2021: "How Do You See CALL?" (webinar), APACALL Webinar 2021.

2021:  "Social Justice and the English Language Specialist Program" (panelist), TESOL Conference (virtual).

2020: "How to Assess Reading and Writing while Teaching Remotely?" (webinar),University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).

2020: "Digital Literacy and CALL: What's the Difference? (webinar), Bangladesh English Teachers Association (BELTA).

2020: "Together Remotely: What's New and Normal in Surviving Lockdown?"(webinar), Teachers Learning2gether Summit.

2020: "Online Resources for Learning English (webinar), Seshadripuram Educational Trust and Bangalore University English Teachers' Association (BUETA).

2020: "Making the Best of Teaching Online" (webinar), Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh.
2020: "Digital Literacy and CALL," (webinar),  Kaash Foundation and ELTAI.
2020: "Supporting Our Students in Autonomous Learning," (webinar), English Language Teachers' Association of India (ELTAI).
2019: "A Call for Clarity about CALL," (featured address), GLoCALL Conference, Danang.
2018: "Digital Literacy: What’s It All About?" (keynote address), International Conference on English across Cultures, Singaraja, Bali.

“The Teacher's Role in Digital Literacy” (featured session), Thailand TESOL Conference, Chiang Mai.

2017: "Digital Literacy: Be Not Afraid" (plenary talk), CATESOL Conference, Santa Clara.
2015: "Challenges for CALL in Creating Capacity" (keynote address), The 9th Annual FLL International Conference, Salatiga.
2015: "Language and Digital Literacy: Threads That Tie It All Together" (plenary talk), International Conference on Language, Literature & Community, Dhaka.
2015: "Can We Explore the Whole Iceberg with Technology?” (plenary talk), WVTESOL Conference, South Charleston.
2015: "Farewell to Technosnobbery!" (plenary talk), Tunisia TESOL Conference, Tunis.
2014: "Adding Digital Literacies to the Mix" (keynote address), WITESOL Conference, Eau Claire.
2014: "Fulfilling the Promise of CALL" (plenary talk), GloCALL 2014 Conference, Ahmedabad.
2014: "Mobile Learning in India" (panel discussion on "Experiences Integrating Mobile Learning in Language Classrooms Around the Globe," with Aaron Schwartz, Paul Daniels, and Carla Arena). TESOL Conference, Portland.


"Exploring Word Processing as a Communicative Tool" (featured speaker), TEC14 Conference, Hyderabad.



"Harmonizing culture in and of the classroom through technology" (featured speaker), TESOL Conference, Dallas.

2012: "Promoting Understanding across Cultures in the EFL Classroom through CALL" (Intersection session with Carla Arena, Claudio Fleury, Eric Roth, and Nellie Deutsche). TESOL Conference, Philadelphia.
2011: “Striking the Balance with ESL-WOW” (Invited talk; webcast), English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI).
2010: "Integrating CALL into the EFL Classroom: It's Up to You!" (keynote speech), Asian EFL Conference, Providence University, Taichung.
2010: "Exploring the Options in Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL)," invited talks at National Changhua University and Chaoyang University of Technology; Changhua and Wufeng.
2010: "Learning Globally through Disruptive Technologies" (keynote speech), NEALLT Conference, Saratoga Springs.
2009: "Integrating a Moving Target into the Curriculum" (keynote speech), New Jersey Statewide Higher Education ESL Conference, Montclair.
2009: "The Evolution of Language Labs to Language Learning Media Centers" (TESOL 2009 Colloquium Invited Session, "Celebrating 25 years of CALL: Forging new pathways," with Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Roger Kenner, Vance Stevens, Deborah Healey, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Phil Hubbard, and Karen Price), TESOL Conference, Denver.
2007: "Will CALL really make our lives easier?" (plenary address), 5th Casa Thomas Jefferson Conference, Brasília.
2007: “Technology: A Moving Target for Language Teachers” (Plenary address), 32nd Alumni TEFL Conference, São Paulo.
2007: "Misconceptions, Myths, and Metaphors in CALL Research" (Colloquium with John Madden, Joy Egbert, Phil Hubbard, Carla Meskill, and Yu-Feng Diana Yang), TESOL Conference, Seattle.
2007: "Maximizing Your Professional Development Through TESOL" (Board-sponsored session with Christine Coombe, Mary Lou McCloskey, and Pam Williams), TESOL Conference, Seattle.
2007: "Podcasts for Language Learning" (webcast with Barbara Frey), University of Pittsburgh
2006: "The Role of Technology in Long-Term Retention and Transfer of Learning" (invited talk), Summer Instructional Development Institute, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.
2006: "Technology Today - What Leaders Need to Know and Do” (invited presentation for Evening Leadership Forum, with Emily Lites), TESOL Conference, Tampa.
2005: "A 'CALL' for Common Sense" (plenary address), English Language Teachers' Association Conference, Belgrade.
2004: "Helping Learners to Participate in the International Net Community" (invited speaker), Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês (APPI), Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal.
2004: "Getting the Most out of Word Processing" (invited speaker), Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês (APPI), Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal.
2004: "Is it only a tool? Assessing the options for CALL" (plenary address), TESOL Arabia Conference, Dubai.
2004: "Preparing the Next Generation of CALL Practitioners" (Academic Session, with Carol Chapelle, Philip Hubbard, Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Renee Jourdenais, and Suzanne McLaughlin), TESOL Conference, Long Beach.
2003: CALL Summer Institutes, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
2003: "An Exploration of Standards for CALL" (Board-sponsored session with Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou), TESOL Conference, Baltimore.
2002: CALL Summer Institute, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
2001: "Are We Having Fun Yet? Developing a Zest for CALL with Less Pain and More Gain " (invited presentation), Foreign Language Teachers' Forum, Clarion University, Clarion.
2000: "Practical Suggestions for Using Computers in ESL" (invited presentation), Adult ESL Professional Development Conference, Ypsilanti, Michigan.
1999: "Personal CALL: The Unsung Software" (keynote address), Macalester-Carleton Andrew W. Mellon Technology Grant Foreign Languages Consortium Workshop, St. Paul.
1999: "An Assessment of Claims about CALL and Related Research" (invited presentation), Department of Linguistics, University of Georgetown.
1998: "TESOL Affiliate Websites and Mailing Lists"" (presentation with Elin Melchior for the Affiliate Leaders' Workshop), TESOL Conference, Seattle.
1998: "Technology in Language Education" (presentation), 14th Annual Technology Conference, Michigan State University College of Education, East Lansing.
1997: "Futurewatch" (Plenary Panel, with Moderator Ursula Williams and co-panelists Graham Davies (EUROCALL) and Yoichi Fujikaki (LLA), FLEAT III Conference, Victoria.
1996: "Creating CALL Activities without Tears" (invited speaker), Instructional Workshop Series, Language Resource Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
1996: "State-of-the-Art Language Lab and Language-teaching Software" (invited speaker), Summer Institute on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for International Development, Michigan International Development Education Outreach Network (MIDEON), Michigan State University, East Lansing.
1994: "An Overview of Computer-Assisted Language Learning" (workshop; invited speaker), Computers in Applied Linguistics Conference, Ames.
1993: "Creating CALL Lessons: It's No Mystery!" (video presented at the Video Theater), TESOL Conference, Atlanta
1993: "Challenging the Myths in Computer-assisted Language Learning," (plenary address), Indiana TESOL (INTESOL), Greencastle.
1991: "Using Computers in ESL Classes" (Video presented at the Video Theater, TESOL Conference, New York
1990: "The Proper Role of Computers in Language Learning" (keynote address), OK-TESOL Conference, Tulsa.
1990: "Computer-Assisted Language Learning" (Featured Affiliate Speaker), TESOL Rocky Mountain Regional Conference, Phoenix.
1990: "Computers in Second Language Learning," (video written and produced for the United States Information Agency), shown at the Society of Applied Linguistics, Grahamstown, South Africa
1989: "CALL Drills" (invited speaker), TESOL Southeastern Regional Conference, Raleigh.
1985: "The Applications of Word Processing and CALL in the EFL Curriculum" (presentation), Australian Language Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Selected Presentations:

  2019: "Audio Tutorial for LiveCode" (Developers' Showcase), TESOL, Atlanta.
  2017: "Streamlining the Development Process with LiveCode" (Developers' Showcase), TESOL, Seattle.
  2017: Pocket English Bangladeshi Style" (presentation), NEALLT, Allentown.
  2016: "LiveCode on CALL," panel presentation with Devin Asay and Marc Siskin, LiveCode 2016 Conference, Edinburgh.
  2016: "Carry English in Your Pocket," (Developers' Showcase presentation with Bipasha Binte Haque, Shamsi Ara Huda, Sadia Zafrin Lia, and Mir Sadia Siddequa), TESOL Conference, Baltimore.
  2016: "A Teacher Training Course Goes from Traditional to Blended," (presentation with Sharda Kaushik), TESOL Conference, Baltimore.
  2015: "English beyond the Classroom: Creating Language Learning Apps with LiveCode," (presentation with Bipasha Binte Haque, Shamsi Ara Huda, Sadia Zafrin Lia, and Mir Sadia Siddequa), National Conference: The Machine in the Garden: Literature, Language and Technology in English, Daffodil International University, Dhaka.
  2015: "CALL for the Unconnected," (workshop), WVTESOL Conference, South Charleston.
  2014: "Tá legal: Working with Portuguese Speakers" (presentation), WITESOL Conference, Eau Claire.
  2014: "The SELF Takes a Selfie" (presentation), Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2014: "Creating Language Learning Activities with LiveCode" (workshop), GloCALL Conference, Ahmedabad.
  2014: "Effective Computer-based Activities for the Unconnected" (workshop), ELT Conference at Amity University, Lucknow.
  2014: "Not Connected? You Can Still Use CALL!" (presentation), NELTA Conference, Kathmandu/Hetauda.
  2013: "Introduction to Computer-Assisted Language Learning" (workshop), American Center, New Delhi.
  2013: "Introduction to Trace Effects" (presentation), ELTAI, Chandigarh.
  2012: "Best of Both Worlds in a Writing Project" (presentation with Thadeus Niles), NYSTESOL, Albany.
  2012: "Wow! It's an OWL!" (Courseware Showcase), CALICO Conference, South Bend.
  2011: "A Tutorial on Plagiarism for English Language Learners" (presentation), NYS TESOL Conference, Melville.
  2011: "Customizing Moodle for Language Learning" (panel presentation, with Lisa Frumkes, Scott Brill, Thomas Robb, Jeff Nelson, and Carly Born), CALICO Conference, Victoria.
  2011: "The ESL Writing Online Workshop," (Courseware Showcase), CALICO Conference, Victoria.
  2011: "Challenges in Designing Virtual Spaces for Language Learning" (presentation), NEALLT Conference, Philadelphia.
  2011: "Build the Right Scaffold for Writing" (presentation), TESOL Conference, New Orleans.
  2010: "Human- and Computer-based Scaffolding in an Online Writing Program" (presentation), NYS TESOL Conference, Albany.
  2010: "Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners with ESL-WOW" (presentation), Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Clarion.
  2010: "A Model of Faculty Outreach" (presentation, with Suzan Stamper), CALICO Symposium, Amherst.
  2009: "Language Learning Applications for Smartphones, or Small Can Be Beautiful" (Multimedia Showcase demonstration), NEALLT/NERALLD Conference, New Haven.
  2009: "Free Tech Tools for ESL Educators" (workshop), New Jersey Statewide Higher Education ESL Conference, Montclair.
  2009: "MALL for the 21st Century" (presentation), Three Rivers TESOL, Pittsburgh.
  2009: "Mobile Assisted Language Learning Applications" (webcast), Social Media Workshop, LARC.
  2009: "Revolution for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment" (workshop, with Marc Siskin), NEALLT Conference, Easton, PA.
  2009: "Free Tech Tools for Language Educators" (workshop), Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.
  2009: "A Tool for Enhancing Awareness of CALL Software Features" (Courseware Showcase), CALICO Symposium, Tempe.
  2008: "Moving Forward with Digital Audio" (workshop), Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Murrysville, PA.
  2008: "Strengthen Your Creativity with Revolution" (workshop), PSMLA Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2008: "Join the Revolution!" (workshop, with Marc Siskin), WorldCALL Conference, Fukuoka.
  2008: "Getting Started with Revolution" (workshop, with Devin Asay and Marc Siskin), CALICO Symposium, San Francisco.
  2008: "Lessons Learned from the UPOLAI Project" (paper), NEALLT Conference, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.
  2007: "Designing Your Own CALL-Based Proficiency Test" (paper, with Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst, Brett Wells, Sarah Williams) ACTFL Conference, San Antonio.
  2007: "Designing Your Own CALL-Based Proficiency Test," (paper, with Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst, Beatrice DeAngelis, Brett Wells, and Sarah Williams), PSMLA Conference, King of Prussia.
  2007: "Welcome to Web 2.0: An Overview of Online Social Networking" (paper), Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Indiana, PA.
  2007: “What Are the Options in CALL?” (Workshop), 32nd Alumni TEFL Conference, São Paulo.
  2007: “An Introduction to Podcasts for Language Teachers” (workshops), 32nd Alumni TEFL Conference and 5th Casa Thomas Jefferson Conference, São Paulo and Brasilia.
  2007: "Revolution for the Next Revolution in Managing Media" (paper), IALLT Conference, Boston.
  2007: "Revolution for Low-cost Data Collection in CALL" (paper), CALICO Symposium, San Marcos.
  2007: "The Revolution Will Be Recorded" (Courseware Showcase), CALICO Symposium, San Marcos.
  2007: "Introduction to Revolution, Accelerated" (workshop with Devin Asay), CALICO Symposium, San Marcos.
  2007: "A Lab Director’s Perspective on Assessing Speaking Proficiency" (paper), NEALLT Conference, Ithaca.
  2007: "Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for the Unwired" (Energy Break), TESOL Conference, Seattle.
  2007: "Collaborative Video Projects for the Classroom" (Discussion Group with Steven Sharp), TESOL Conference, Seattle.
  2006: "Why I Joined the Revolution" (paper), Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2006: "Sound Advice: A Digital Audio Primer for Language Teachers" (workshop, with Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst), PSMLA, Erie.
  2006: "Navigating the “Unflat” World of Technology" (panel presentation, "Language Learning outside the Box"), PaCIE Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2006: “Serving three mistresses in CALL: Students, teachers, researchers” (paper, with Dawn McCormick and Christine O’Neill), CALICO Symposium, Honolulu.
  2006: Revolution Templates for Language Learning” (Courseware Showcase), CALICO Symposium, Honolulu.
  2006: “Rapid Creation of Internet-based Multimedia Applications Without Web Browser Hassles” (paper, with Devin Asay), CALICO Symposium, Honolulu.
  2006: "Revolution for Non-Programmers, or Yes, There Is Life After HyperCard!" (presentation), NEALLT Conference, Philadelphia.
  2006: Collaborative Video Projects for the Classroom” (Discussion Group, with Steven Sharp), TESOL Conference, Tampa.
  2006: "Comes the Revolution: Templates for Interactive CALL Materials" (Developer’s Showcase), TESOL Conference, Tampa.
  2005: "Internet and Web Cam Activities in the L2 Media Classroom" (presentation with Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst), ACTFL Conference, Baltimore
  2005: "CyberKids in the Balkans: The School Connectivity Project in Southeast Europe" (presentation sponsored by the Center for Russian and East European Studies), University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.
  2005: "Word Processing as a Tool in Communication" (workshop), English Language Teachers' Association Conference, Belgrade.
  2005: "Teach for Tomorrow: Integrating Instruction and Technology" (presentation with Emily Lites), TESOL Conference, San Antonio.
  2005: "Medium- and low-tech tools for managing student workers" (presentation with LaShanda Lemmon), NEALLT Conference, Rochester.
  2004: "Participating in the Culture of the Internet" (paper), Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2004: "Cross the Digital Divide!" (paper), PSMLA Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2004: "Creating Media: Internet and Web Cam Activities in the High Intermediate L2 Classroom" (paper, with Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst) PSMLA Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2004: "Integrating Digital Video into the Foreign Language Curriculum" (paper), NEALLT Conference, Princeton.
  2004: "Sound advice for English language teachers" (paper), TESOL Arabia Conference, Dubai.
  2003: "A Technology Bill of Rights for ESL Educators" (paper), Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Pittsburgh.
  2003: "Another Look at Tutorial CALL" (paper with Philip Hubbard), WorldCALL Conference, Banff.
  2003: "Using Tutorial CALL Effectively" (discussion group with Philip Hubbard), TESOL Conference, Baltimore.
  2003: "Web Cams for Young Learners" (Applications Fair), TESOL Conference, Baltimore.
  2002: "Using QuickTime in CALL Multimedia Materials Development" (colloquium with Douglas Mills and Greg Kessler),
TESOL Conference, Salt Lake City.
  2002: "Reassessing the Role of Tutorial CALL" (paper with Philip Hubbard), TESOL Conference, Salt Lake City.
  2002: "The Teacher's Role in Tutorial CALL" (paper), CALICO 2002 Symposium, Davis.
  2001: "Certifying Competency in CALL" (paper with Gisela Hoecherl-Alden), ACTFL Conference, Washington, DC.
  2001:  "The World Wide Web: Burden or Blessing?" (paper with Bonnie Youngs), PSMLA, Hershey.
  2001:  "DISSEMINATE, E-Learning System of the Future (paper with Philippe Delcloque and Alexandre Bramoullé), IALL, Houston.
  2001: "Language Pedagogy and Instructional Design: The Baby and the Bathwater" (discussion moderator), IALL, Houston.
  2001: "Using CALL to Teach CALL" (paper with Graham Davies), IALL, Houston.
  2001: "Introduction to QuickTime" (workshop with David Malicki and Keeta Martin), IALL, Houston.
  2001: "Two Approaches to Making QuickTime Interactive" (workshop with Keeta Martin and Michael Jones), IALL, Houston.
  2001: "Sound Advice for QuickTime" (workshop with David Malicki), NEALL, Stonybrook
  2001: "Gaining Equal Access to Technology" (paper with Karima Benremouga), TESOL, St. Louis.
  2001: "Promoting CALL at the Grass Roots" (paper with Sharon Rajabi), TESOL, St. Louis.
  2000: "Building the 3RT Website: An Open Forum" (paper with Lisa Minetti), Three Rivers TESOL, Pittsburgh.
  2000: "Soothing the Naysayers, Naying the Soothsayers" (paper with Nina Garrett), CALICO 2000 Symposium, Tucson, Arizona.
  2000: "Alternatives to the Internet for the Unwired" (paper), TESOL Conference, Vancouver.
  2000: "Writing with Multimedia" (Discussion Group with Philip Hubbard), TESOL Conference, Vancouver.
  2000: "Welcome to CALL!" (Preconvention Institute with Deborah Healey and Sheryl Beller-Kenner), TESOL Conference, Vancouver.
  2000:  Facilitator, Foreign Languages: Teaching with Technology Workshops: Illinois Wesleyan University.
  2000: "Computers in ESL: The Why and the How" (paper), ESL Conference, "Teaching ESL to Adults in the New Millennium," Center for Community Education, Holland, Michigan.
  1999: "Why Use Computers in ESL?" (paper, with Coralee Mathews), TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto.
  1999: "Planning for Technology: Get Your Fair Share," (paper), MITESOL 1999 Fall Conference, Ann Arbor.
  1999: "Where Have We Come From? What Has CALL Really Achieved?" (paper with Peter Liddell), IALL '99, College Park, Maryland.
  1999: "How Do We Know If It Worked? Evaluating a CALL Initiative" (paper with Ana Pérez Gironés), CALICO '99 Symposium, Oxford, Ohio.
  1999: "QuickTime 101" (workshop with Philomena Meechan & Marc Siskin), CALICO '99 Symposium, Oxford, Ohio.
  1999: "Technology in L2 Teaching and Learning: What Does Research Tell Us?" (round table discussion with Carol Chapelle, Michel Laurier, Joseph Rézeau, & Madeleine Saint-Pierre), CREAL Colloquium 1999, Ottawa.
  1999: Presenter, ACTFL/IALL Technology Workshops: Stratford High School, Stratford, Connecticut.
  1999:  Facilitator, Foreign Languages: Teaching with Technology Workshops: ACTFL/IALL/Houghton Mifflin Faculty Development Programs: SUNY at Stonybrook, Boston College, Clemson University, San Jose State University.
  1998: "E-mail for ESL/LINC Students" (presentation), TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto.
  1998: Facilitator, Foreign Languages: Teaching with Technology Workshops: University of St. Thomas, Colorado State University.
  1998: "Adults Only: Literacy On-line in Australia" (experiment in distance learning; with Mex Butler), MITESOL Conference, East Lansing.
  1998: "Beyond Vanity: Your Personal Space on the Web" (presentation), MFLA Conference, Lansing.
  1998: "Utilisation of input in CALL: A research study" (paper), WorldCALL Conference, Melbourne, Australia.
  1998: "Karaoke Conversation," CALL Authors' Showcase, TESOL Conference, Seattle.
  1998: "Streamlining HyperCard for CALL" (presentation with Ennis Howard, Jr.), TESOL Conference, Seattle.
  1998: "A Personal Website for Effective Teaching," WebFaire '98, TESOL Conference, Seattle.
  1997: "Not Wired? Alternatives to the Internet for Foreign Language Teachers" (presentation), MFLA Conference, Troy.
  1997: "Researching success with CALL" (presentation), MITESOL Conference, Ann Arbor.
  1997: "The Dark Side of the Web" (presentation), FLEAT III Conference, Victoria.
  1997: "Ethical Issues in Technology Use for Language Teaching" (Colloquium, with Deborah Healey, Derek Reynolds, and David Ross), TESOL Conference, Orlando.
  1997: "Hiring a CALL Coordinator: Perspectives from Employers and Employees" (Discussion Group with Miriam Seaver), TESOL Conference, Orlando.
  1997: "The Intelligent Use of CALL" (Colloquium with Andrew Blasky, Susan Gaer, and Deborah Healey), TESOL Conference, Orlando.
  1996: "Wide Web Resources for Research: Using the WWW in Second Language Research and Teaching" (presentation with Alison Mackey and Carol Wilson-Duffy), Michigan State University, East Lansing.
  1996: "What a Tangled Web We Weave" (presentation), MITESOL Conference, Livonia.
  1996: "A Low-Tech Approach to CALL Software: Small Can Be Beautiful" (presentation), MWALL Conference, Dayton.
  1996: "How Second Language Learners Utilize Input in CALL" (presentation), CALICO Symposium, Albuquerque.
  1996: "Multimedia for Language Learning" (organizer and lead trainer for week-long workshop), Language Learning Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing.
  1996: "ESL Software that Works: Endorsements from your Colleagues" (panel moderator), MITESOL Conference, Lansing.
  1996: "Make CALL Work with the Unsung Software (presentation), TESOL Conference, Chicago.
  1996: "State of the Art in CALL" (panel member), TESOL Conference, Chicago.
  1996: "Teaching Foreign Language in a Computer Lab" (presentation) with Eugene F. Gray, MACUL, Grand Rapids.
  1996: "From Theory to CD-ROM: What We Learned along the Way" (presentation with Carol Keiser Bishop), MITESOL Spring Conference, Haslett.
  1995: "State of the Art in CALL: Shifting the Focus " (presentation) with Douglas Coleman, MITESOL Conference, Ypsilanti.
  1995: "Hypercard for Language Learning" (workshop) with John Lackstrom and Thomas Browne, CALICO Symposium, Middlebury.
  1995: "Creating Multimedia in a Content-Based ESL Course" (presentation) with Carol Keiser Bishop, IALL Conference, Notre Dame.
  1995: "The Role of the Graduate Assistant in the Language Learning Center" (panel member) IALL Conference, Notre Dame.
  1994: "CALL on a Shoestring, or Getting the Most out of Word Processing" (presentation), MITESOL, Conference, Ann Arbor.
  1994: "What CALL Has to Offer: Hands-On with ESL Software" (workshop), MITESOL Conference, Ann Arbor.
  1994: "Making Connections in Computer-Assisted Language Learning," (paper), MITESOL Conference, Big Rapids.
  1994: "Hypercard for Beginners" (Pre-conference Institute), TESOL Conference, Baltimore.
  1994: "Newcomers' Orientation to CALL" (workshop), TESOL Conference, Baltimore.
  1994: "CALL for the Eclectic Language Teacher, or the Camel's Nose Approach" (paper), CALICO Symposium, Flagstaff.
  1993: "An Introduction to Computer-assisted Language Learning" (workshop), Indiana TESOL (INTESOL) Conference, Greencastle.
  1993: "Creating CALL Lessons: It's No Mystery" (video), TESOL Conference, Atlanta.
  1993: "Consulting in CALL" (discussion group), TESOL Conference, Atlanta.
  1993: "Don't Use a Computer: A Rationale for Appropriate Technology in CALL Evangelism" (paper), CALICO Symposium, Williamsburg.
  1992: "Computer-Assisted Language Learning for Reading and Writing" (workshop with Elizabeth Hanson-Smith), TESOL Conference,Vancouver.
  1992: "Newcomers' Orientation to Computer-Assisted Language Learning" (workshop), TESOL Conference, Vancouver.
  1992: "An Introduction to Computer-Assisted Language Learning" (workshop), CALICO Symposium, Monterey.
  1991: "Hardware Heaven: Using Computer Peripherals to Enhance Language Learning" (paper), CoTESOL Conference, Denver.
  1991: "Designing Visuals for Student Orientation with a Computer" (paper; co-presenter) , CoTESOL Conference, Denver.
  1991: "Evaluating the Use of Computers in an ESL Program " (paper; co-presenter), Rocky Mountain TESOL Conference, Albuquerque.
  1991: "Issues in Word Processing" (panel discussion; moderator), Rocky Mountain TESOL Conference, Albuquerque.
  1991: "Text Reconstruction Programs for Reading" (paper), IALL Conference, Los Angeles.
  1990: "Introduction to Computer-Assisted Language Learning" (workshop), CoTESOL Conference, Denver.
  1990: "Preparing ESL Students for the GMAT" (paper; co-presenter), TESOL Conference, San Francisco.
  1989: "Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Exploring the Myths" (paper) CoTESOL, Denver.
  1989: "CALL Drills: Not Just Electronic Page-Turning" (paper),TESOL Conference, San Antonio.
  1989: "The Use of Printed Materials in CALL" (paper), CALICO Symposium, Colorado Springs.
  1988: "CALL Drills: Not Just Electronic Page-turning" (paper), CoTESOL Conference, Denver.
  1988: "Word Processing: Methodology Revisited" (paper; co-presenter), TESOL Rocky Mountain Regional Conference, Salt Lake City.
  1988: "Drill and Practice in CALL" (paper), AZ-TESOL Conference, Tucson.
  1988: "Newcomers' Workshop in Computer-Assisted Language Learning" AZ-TESOL Conference, Tucson.
  1988: "How Commercial Software is Used at the Economics Institute" (Software Fair), TESOL Conference, Chicago.
  1987: "CALL in the Rockies" (panel discussion; moderator), TESOL Rocky Mountain Regional Conference, Denver.
  1987: "Workshop for Newcomers to CALL," TESOL Conference, Miami.
  1986: "Write Your Own ESL Software without Programming" (paper), CoTESOL Conference, Denver.
  1984: "Telecommunications in the ESL Classroom" (paper), CoTESOL Conference, Denver.

Professional Activities:

  2020 - 2021: Chair, Awards Professional Council, TESOL
  2016 - 2019: Awards Professional Council, TESOL
  2016: Fulbright National Screening Committee
  2002 - Editorial Board, Computer Assisted Language Learning Journal
  2010 - Scientific Committee, EUROCALL
  2014: Fulbright National Screening Committee
  2012 - 2015: Board of Directors, TESOL
  2014 - 2015: Editorial Board, Focus on English Language Teaching (FELT)
  1995 - 2014: Editorial Board, CALICO Journal
  2011 - 2012: Webmaster, Three Rivers TESOL
  2009 - 2010: Chair, Executive Board, CALICO
  2007 - 2010: Member of Executive Board, CALICO
  2008 - 2009: Program Chair, CALICO Symposium
  2006 - 2008: Co-Chair, Program Committee, WorldCALL 2008
  2005 - 2008: Planning Committee WorldCALL 2008
  2007 - 2008: Immediate Past Chair, Professional Development Committee, TESOL
  2003 - 2008:
Webmaster, Three Rivers TESOL
  2001 - 2007: Technology Committee, PSMLA
  2006 - 2007: Chair, Professional Development Committee, TESOL
  2004 - 2006: President, NEALLT
  2005 - 2006: Incoming Chair, Professional Development Committee, TESOL
  2001 - 2005: Professional Development Committee, TESOL (Chair, Distance Education Portfolio)
  2003 - 2004: Vice President, NEALLT
  2001 - 2003: Technology Advisory Committee, TESOL (Chair, CALL Standards Portfolio)
  2001 - 2003: Chair, Scholarship Committee, WorldCALL
  1999 - 2001: Virtual Professional Development Task Force, TESOL
  1999 - 2000: History of CALL Committee
  1999 - 2000: Advisory Panel,  CALL "Train the Trainer" Project, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC), Ontario
  1998 - 1999: ACTFL/IALL Technology Workshop Team
  1997 - 1999: Communications Coordinator, MITESOL
  1996 - 1998: Chair, Scholarship Committee, WorldCALL
Advisory Board for Technology for Language Learning: Faculty Authored LIBRA Courseware, edited by Robert Fischer
  1995 - 1997: Webmaster, Michigan Foreign Language Association website
  1995 - 1997: Webmaster, Michigan (MITESOL) website
  1994 - 1996: Executive Board, CALICO
  1994 - 1995: Editor, column, TESOL Matters
  1994: IALL Outreach Task Force
  1993 - 1994: Editor, The Present Perfect, newsletter of TESOL Graduate Student Organization, Michigan State University
  1992 - 1993: Chair, Language Acquisition and Technology Special Interest Group, CALICO
  1990 - 1991: Academic Editor for IBM ESL Software Project, Center for Applied Linguistics
  1991 - 1992: Journal Representative, Computers in the Classroom Special Interest Group, CALICO
  1990 - 1991:

Chair, CALL Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section (CALL-IS), TESOL

  1989 - 1990: Associate Chair of CALL Interest Section, TESOL
  1989 - 1990: Chair of CALL Special Interest Group of Colorado TESOL (CoTESOL)
  1988 - 1990: Steering Committee, CALL Interest Section, TESOL
  1987 - 1990: Primary reviewer, IBM ESL Software Evaluation Project, Center for Applied Linguistics

Awards and Grants:

  2017: Lifetime Achievement Award, XVIIIth International CALL Research Conference
  2013: Distance Education Innovation Award for ESL-WOW, from the National University Technology Network
  2012: Online Learning Continuous Improvement Grant (OLCIG), “Capturing the Message,” at Excelsior College
  2008: Educator of the Year (post-secondary), Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association
  2008: D. Scott Enright Interest Section Service Award, TESOL
  2007: Innovation in Education Award, Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence, University of Pittsburgh: UPOLAI Project
  2002: Innovation in Education Award, Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence, University of Pittsburgh: "ASL at Pitt Goes Digital"
  1988: Gladys Doty Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession, Colorado TESOL (CoTESOL)

Consulting: Computer-assisted language learning, program evaluation, online language learning, lab planning, and software design


Personal Information:

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