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10 Mobile Apps to Improve English

Apps to use on your smartphone
Dave's ESL Cafe look under "Stuff for students" for help, discussion forums, etc.
Difference between Do and Make examples of "do" and "make"
Do vs. Make in English when to use "do" and when to use "make"
ESOL Courses Free English lessons online
Make or Do practice when to use "make' or "do" academic links for students
ESL Quizzes for Self Study many quizzes to test your English
Free Rice vocabulary quizzes: For every correct answer, they donate rice to help end hunger
How good is your English? Let's see quiz time!

a free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation
Just the Word common combinations of words in academic English

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online

pictures, sounds, clear definitions, collocations
Perfect Pronunciation pronunciation from Miriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab listening exercises and quizzes
Real English original videos and interactive lessons
Rewordify a tool to help make English texts simple

Rockin' English Lessons

Youtube channel with grammar lessons set to music

Selected Links for ESL & EFL Students

links to a variety of exercises
Simple English Wikipedia articles in simplified English
Sounds American lessons and exercises to master your American accent
The sounds of American English Rachel's English: over 400 videos to help you improve speaking and listening
Sounds of English more pronunciation practice
TED Talks short speeches with subtitles and transcripts; choose your favorite topic
Visuwords online graphical dictionary
Voice of America Learning English news and information English learners

What Are The American Stereotypes?

Londoners' opinions of Americans; good listening practice


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