CALL Software Evaluation Exercise:
A Tool for Enhancing Awareness of CALL Software Features

Claire Bradin Siskin

This exercise is specifically designed to heighten language instructors' awareness of various aspects of CALL* It is in use in a graduate-level course on CALL.

The simple interface allows language instructors to concentrate on specifc language learning objectives. This software permits various design issues, such as learner control, quality of feedback, and the availability of supporting text, graphics, and audio, to be examined in isolation. The instructors are then required to reflect on each design feature as they respond to questions about each screen. Their responses are saved into a text file which is exported at the end of the exercise.

This exercise was created with RunTime Revolution. All versions are freeware, and they may be copied and used by teachers and students for non-commercial purposes.

Windows version (standalone):

Macintosh version (standalone):

Development version:

Note: No additional software is required to run the standalone versions. The development version may be run or modified with either Revolution Studio or Revolution Media.

"CALL" stands for computer-assisted language learning. See CALL page for more information and resources.

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Last modified: October 21, 2009