Using Tutorial CALL Effectively
Discussion Group
TESOL 2003 – Baltimore

Philip Hubbard
Stanford University
  Claire Bradin Siskin
University of Pittsburgh


Discussion Notes:

Comment: "There is a lot of need for tutorial CALL."

What is tutorial CALL?

Language software that includes an "embedded teacher presence" – teaching agent – reponse mechanism

What tutorial programs are people using?

Hot Potatoes (

Live Action English (TPR)
Focus on Grammar
Dyned – Dynamic English
English Mastery (Americana)
Perfect Copy (editing program)
Longman English Interactive

"strong teacher presence;" available in the summer

Tense Buster
TRACI Talk (Check the catalog in pdf form)

TESOL CALL-IS Software List

What are some good free tutorial programs? What makes them good?

Hot Potatoes -- students can create exercises

Good free materials on the Web:

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Other observations:
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