Summer Instructional Development Institute 2006

The Role of Technology in Long-Term Retention and Transfer of Learning

Claire Bradin Siskin


CIDDE's Instructional Technology mCast:


PowerPoint, No! Cyberspace, Yes (by Tom Creed):

PowerPoint Is Not Evil (by Tom Rocklin):

Hi-Tech Presentations: Are They Powerful or Pointless? (Christy Carello):

Presentation Styles and Strategies: How to Interact with Students & Other Audiences (by Sara W. Tucker):

Active Learning with PowerPoint:

Effective Handouts: Using PowerPoint to Guide Study and Encourage Active Preparation:

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint (by Corbin Ball):

Discussion of PowerPoint on WikiPedia:

Integration of Multimedia:

An Investigation of Behaviorist and Cognitive Approaches to Instructional Multimedia Design (by Patricia Deubel):

The Role of the Teacher in the Use of ICT (by Stephen Wheeler):

Multimedia Editing to Promote Science Learning (by Robert J. Beichner):

Six Principles of Effective E-Learning: What Works and Why (by Ruth Clark):

Multimedia Learning (Cambridge University Press, 2001, Richard Mayer):

Acive Learning:

Moving from an Instructivist to a Constructivist Multimedia Learning Environment (by Jan Herrington):

Internet and Web Cam Activities in the L2 Media Classroom (Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst & Claire Bradin Siskin):

Meeting the challenge of diversity: Integrating digital movies into ASL activities and assessment (Debra hast and Claire Bradin Siskin):


Applying the Science of Learning to the University and Beyond (by Diane F. Halpern and Milton D. Hakel):

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