The Role of Teachers in Using CALL for Quality Education


"CALL — past, present and future," by Stephen Bax Bax, S. (2003) "CALL: Past, Present and Future", System, 31, 1, 13–28.
"Why call CALL CALL?" by Mike Levy and Phil Hubbard
"Why not call CALL SMALL?" by Vance Stevens
"Thinking about SMALL at the 2019 CALL Research Conference," by Vance Stevens
"Will technology replace teachers? No, but ..." by Michael Trucano
An Invitation to CALL: Foundations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning, by Phil Hubbard
Dealing with Digital Distraction in the Classroom (Video)
"Here’s Why Teachers Adopt New Tech — and Why They Don't," by Teagan Carlson
“Top 7 Ways Technology Stifles Student Learning in My Classroom,” by Steven Singer
brimmEng, a language learning app for Android phones
Study English by Yourself
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Last modified: June 16, 2021