MALL for the 21st  Century*

Claire Bradin Siskin

(MALL = mobile-assisted language learning)

Mp3 Players:


  Which iPod Are You? comparison chart
iTunes software for downloading apps for iPhone and iPod Touch; Windows and Mac versions
Resources for Podcasting Links to information about podcasts



  Flip video cameras company website
How to Use Flip Video Cameras in the Classroom useful suggestions
40 Interesting Ways to Use Pocket Video Cameras Classroom 2.0 Blog

Where to Get Apps

Description URL
  iTunes media playback program developed by Apple. PC and Mac versions available
Blackberry App World software for downloading Blackberry apps
Blackberrycool Store Blackberry Apps
Ten Free BlackBerry Apps You Actually Want Twitterberry, Facebook, and more
Nokia apps Download apps for Nokia
Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators annotated list

Instructional Apps:

  Pocket English (ESL) "10 complete language lessons"
PencilBot English "Multimedia edutainment for English"
TOEFL Vocabulary AudioLearn 500 vocabulary words
Kaplan TOEFL Vocabulary vocabulary building tool
VocabWiz another vocabulary app

Make your own exercises:

  Audio Picture Dictionary Instructions here:

"Other apps:"

  Twitterific access Twitter
Facebook access Facebook
Skype access Skype
AIM access AIM
WordPress create and edit content on a blog
Google Mobile App Search Google by voice; other Google tools
AudioBoo send audio, pictures to audio blog
Current Postcards create postcards to email or send to Facebook
Fake Conversations Create an audio conversation
Farm Friends See-and-say game
Tip Calculator Calculate the amount of a tip

General References:

  "Going to the MALL: Mobile Assisted Language Learning" by George Chinnery
Mobile Assisted Language Learning Wikipedia article
Mobile ESL Learning YouTube video about mobile-assisted language learning

*This web page accompanies the session "MALL for the 21st  Century," to be presented on October 17, 2009, as part of the Three Rivers TESOL Fall 2009 Conference.


Last modified: October 28, 2009

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