HyperCard for Language Learning

The purpose of this page is to provide some useful resources for language teaching professionals who would like to create CALL lessons with HyperCard.***

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HyperCard Home Page Apple's official HyperCard website
Teach Yourself HyperCard step-by-step directions for beginners
HyperCard Heaven Jim Stephenson's collection of resources; includes the "Cool Stack of the Week" and information on the future of HyperCard
The HyperCard Resource Page much useful programming information
Errors in HyperCard 2.3 Documentation in case the manual doesn't make sense!
The HyperCard FAQ Download Page FAQ in stack form; must be converted with BinHex
HyperCard Tips and Tricks at Jacqueline Gay 's HyperActive website; for advanced users
Hypercard Terms Index glossary of important terms and commands with examples of each



Beekman, George. (1996).
Hypercard 2.3 in a Hurry: The Fast Track to Multimedia. Reading, Wadsworth. ISBN: 0-534-51300-X
tutorial guide; a good way to get started with HyperCard
Culp, George, and G. Morgan Watkins. (1995).
The Educator's Guide to Hypercard and Hypertalk, Revised Edition. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 0-205-16652-0
written for teachers with the types of exercises and functions that teachers want. Includes diskettes with useful sample stacks
Desberg, Peter. (1994).
Hyper Interactive CAI: Using Hypercard to Develop Computer-Assisted Instruction. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. ISBN: 0-205-15197-3
also designed for teachers; also includes sample diskettes. Very useful stacks with various QuickTime functions
Goodman, Danny. (1993).
The Complete Hypercard 2.2 Handbook. New York: Random House. ISBN: 0-679-79122-1
known as the "HyperCard Bible." Very complete but perhaps confusing for beginners
Winkler, Dan, Scot Kamins, and Jeanne DeVoto. (1994).
Hypertalk 2.2: The Book, Second Edition. New York: Random House. ISBN: 0-679-79171-X
reference book with many useful sample scripts
Stern, Judith, L. and Robert A Letteiri. (1994). Quicktime: The Official Guide for Macintosh Users. Hayden Books: Indianapolis. ISBN: 1-56830-129-4 book + CD-ROM. Highly recommended for QuickTime enthusiasts

HyperCard E-mail Listserv

The HyperCard Listserv is an excellent place to ask questions and get help. However, you should look for the answer in the HyperCard FAQ before posting a question to the listserv.

Explanation of the HyperCard listserv and how to subscribe

The Hypercard Mailing List Archive -- searchable access to messages


HyperGasp more commercial enhancements
Digital Dreams Talk Media speech recognition plug-in for HyperCard
QuickTime Tools: Apple QuickTime Home Page get the latest version of QuickTime
The Little QuickTime Page much detailed information about QuickTime
QuickEditor shareware tool for editing QuickTime
movieText "a HyperCard stack that facilitates the creation of QuickTime text tracks"
QuickTime 101   CALL-related QuickTime resources

Download Sites

Hypercard Archive at the U. of Michigan large collection of sample stacks and utilities
The AOL HyperCard Resource Center Scripting Conference Stacks HyperCard references and tutorials
HyperCard Virus Compendium everything you need to know about HyperCard viruses
HyperCard Speed Tips by Robert Howe and Laura Lunetta

"Cousins" of Hypercard

These are other software programs which build on HyperCard to help the user create CALL lessons -- and others which are similar to HyperCard. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Programs designed for CALL: Libra streamlines the process of using HyperCard
  Panda Software Annotext, d-glossary
HyperCard-like programs: HyperStudio Very similar to HyperCard; runs on both Mac and PC; not as powerful as HyperCard
  Toolbook II HyperCard-like program for the PC
  SuperCard runs on Mac
  Digital Chisel runs on both Mac and PC; less powerful option
  MetaCard runs on both Mac and PC; powerful, more expensive option
  Revolution  runs on both Mac, PC, and Linux; powerful, more expensive option

CALL Software: 

The Computer Enhanced Language Instruction Archive (CELIA) The Macintosh section for English has many useful examples of HyperCard stacks and lessons.
THE XMEDIAENGINE TEMPLATES David Herren's stacks for language learning
Charles Kelly's Hypercard Stacks Several of these freeware stacks can be useful in creating language lessons.
Claire's templates Templates for teachers to modify as they like



Dictation A, B, C, D Larry Staton Speakware
All Clear! Idioms in Context Larry Staton Speakware
HyperAce Philip Hubbard Athelstan
ListenPro Larry Staton Speakware
MC Author! Larry Staton Speakware
MicroReports Philip Hubbard Athelstan
NewLexis John McVicker

Nameless Software
5 Sunyside Drive
Athens, OH 45701-1919

Phone: 704-594-4609


Download a demo from CELIA.

NewReader John McVicker Nameless Software (see above)
Hypercise Exercises for ESL learners Jim Edgar Hypercise (shareware)
Russian Vocabulary Tutor Devin Asay  Download Demo
Info for full product

*** Note: This page was orginally prepared for a session, "Streamlining HyperCard for CALL," presented at the TESOL '98 Conference, in Seattle on March 19, 1998.

Claire Bradin
Michigan State University

Ennis Howard
Multilingual/Multicultural Department
Dallas Public Schools

Download Ennis' presentation stack, "Streamlining HyperCard"
Photo of Claire and Ennis at the end of the session:

"CALL" stands for computer-assisted language learning. See CALL page for more information and resources.

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