Gaining Equal Access to Technology

St. Louis
TESOL 2001

Claire Bradin Siskin
University of Pittsburgh
Karima Benremouga
University of Houston
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I. Preliminary Comments

II. The problem

III. Basic requirements

A. room layout
B. user-friendly set-up
C. decent software
D. fast Internet connection
E. browser plug-ins
F. storage for large files
G. reasonable server/hard drive policies
H. projector or screen-sharing device
I. appropriate & adjustable lighting
J. sensible lab policies
K. adequate staff
L. desktop support for faculty
M. audio

N. tools for creating multimedia

III. Call to action

IV. Resources

International Association for Language Learning Technology:
Arguments in favor of CALL:

Planning a Language Resource Center:

MSU NextDay Research Project:

LLTI listserver:

LLTI searchable archives:

Digital Divide Network:

V. Discussion

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