Linguistics  2148

 Introduction to Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Spring Semester, 2009


Instructor: Claire Bradin Siskin                                                          Telephone: (412) 624-5939

Office: G-17 Cathedral of Learning                                                    E-mail:

Personal website:                                         Office hours: By appointment

Classroom: 149 CL & G-17 CL                                                                  



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Text:    Ducate, L., & Arnold, N. (Eds.). (2006). Calling on CALL: From theory and research to new directions in foreign language teaching (CALICO Monograph Series Volume 5). San Marcos, TX: CALICO (Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium). ISSN: 1085-2999

Note: You may also wish to purchase a USB “thumb drive” for storing files.


Course Description: Both the practical and theoretical aspects of using computers in second language learning will be explored. Topics will include software evaluation, the role of word processing and other common applications, text reconstruction programs, resources for language learning on the Internet, classroom and self-access modes of CALL, roles of the computer in second language learning, creating CALL materials with authoring programs, use of audio, video, and graphics in CALL, role of hypermedia and hypertext in CALL, Web-based classroom activities, Web page creation, concordance programs, integration of CALL into the curriculum, and research in CALL. The Internet will be used extensively.


Grading Policy:


Software critique


CALL-based lesson plan


Web page assignment


Other assignments




Final project



Basis for participation portion of grade:


1. Attend all classes.

2. Come to class well prepared.

     (It is assumed that assignments will be done before the date for that class.)

3. Participate in class discussions.

4. Respond to email promptly; participate in on-line discussions.

5. Be a good net citizen.

6. See the Guidelines for more specific information.