Resources for Linguistics 2148: Introduction to Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Instructor: Claire Bradin Siskin

Resources for Assessment

Optional links from 2009
Audio Recording Options

Preparing Graphics for CALL

Authoring in CALL Quicktime 101
Resources for Blogs and Wikis Research: A Survey of Unanswered Questions in CALL
Certifying Competency in CALL Resources for Podcasting

Claire's personal Web site

Resources for Second Life
Claire's "Recent Presentations" page

Resources for Twitter

Common Applications; Text Reconstruction Selected Bibliography for CALL
Concordancers The Use of Smartboards in Language Learning
Copyright and Fair Use for Language Educators Social Networking Tools ("Web 2.0")
Designing Activities Based on Authentic Web-based Resources Synchronous and Asynchronous uses of the Internet
Exploration & Evaluation of Instructional Web Sites for Language Learning Teaching in the One-computer Classroom
"Favorites" Pages, Podcasts, and Blogs & Wikis
of the CALL Class Spring 2009
Top CALL organizations
Free online courses URLs from Lesson plans (2009)
Free Tech Tools for Language Educators

Using Search Engines

General links for CALL VLC Media Player
How to Make a Web Page Where to Find CALL Software and Reviews
Implications of the TEACH Act for the Use of Multimedia Writing for Multimedia
Introduction to PowerPoint YouTube and other video sharing services

Free online courses:


An Invitation to CALL: Foundations of Computer-Assisted Language Learning by Phil Hubbard

Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers; sponsored by European Union
TESOL's free online sessions

Optional links from 2009:


Google Fight

Smart Table
Example of a pagecast made with Pageflakes
Nina Garrett's keynote address at CALICO

Wikipedia article about edupunk

Edupunk Battale Royale - Part 1
Edupunk Battale Royale - Part 2
Edupunk Battale Royale - Part 3
ESL Videos with Transcripts
Avalon Project
Flickr Commons
People behaving like their avatars in Second Life (Youtube movie)
SLanguages 2009 Conference
Twitter search tool
ANVILL Project

Resources for Assessment:


Computer Aided Assessment (CAA) and language learning

Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD)
by Pat Dunkel
University of Pittsburgh Oral Language Assessment Instrument

YouTube video on alternative language assessment

URLs from Lesson Plans (Spring 2009):


Russian newspaper (Olga)

Russian Mentor (Wendy)
Chinese input (Gaya)
Chinese search engine (Gaya)
Google in Chinese (Gaya)
Chinese Zodiac Introduction in English (Gaya)
Horoscope of the Chinese Zodiac (Gaya)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (Liu)
Online English-Chinese Dictionary (Liu)
Chinese Reading Assistant (Liu)
Online English-Chinese Dictionary (Liu)
Weather in Italy (Renny)
Another site for weather in Italy (Renny)
Environment site at National Geographic (Ben)

Top CALL organizations


Computer-assisted Instruction Consortium (CALICO); top CALL organization in the US

European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL); Top CALL organization in Europe
Pacific Association for Computer-assisted Language learning (PacCALL); CALL organization in Asia
Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-assisted Language Learning (APACALL); CALL organization in Asia
International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT); Language lab directors and others interested in technology in language learning
CALL Interest Section of TESOL; ESL and EFL teachers interested in CALL
WorldCALL; worldwide meta-organization of CALL organizations

 Last revised: May 6, 2009