Internet Resources for Aspects of Language
Accessing general information:

 Pitt's University Library System (
This link will take you to Pitt's ULS which includes PittCat and other helpful library research tools.

Linguistics Glossary
Long, detailed list of terminology for linguistics

National Science Foundation General Report on Language and Linguistics
General, introductory material on linguistics

Career Opportunities for Linguists:

Jobs for Linguists

No Longer Just Eggheads, Linguists Leap to the Net: (

Specific links for the course:


The Sounds of Language (
Peter Ladefoged's Web site on the sounds of language

The Sounds of English and Spanish
Animated libraries of the phonetic sounds of Spanish and English
(Click on "English Sounds Library" on the right.)

Practice with Phonetic Transcription (


Parts of Speech (
Explanations of grammatical terms. A pracrice quiz accompanies each section.

Identifying Parts of Speech
Practice in identifying parts of speech

Parts Of Speech Quiz (
Another quiz

American Sign Language:

ASL Browser (
American Sign Language Browser


Pittsburgh Speech and Society (
Examples of Pittsburghese

Language Matters
Can you be discriminated against because of the way you speak? article by Michael Erard on racial profiling

Linguistic Profiling (

John Russell Rickford's articles online (
Professor Rickford's Writings on the "Ebonics" issue

Historical Linguistics:

Ethnologue (
Information about languages of the world

"Where do Languages Come From?" by Merritt Ruhlen

Language Maps (
Maps that indicate where various languages are spoken

Language Families (
A guide to the top language families

Scores of Languages Just Disappearing (
Linguists and Native Speakers Fight to Preserve Dying Languages

Practice with Language Families (
Some computer-based exercises for practice


Grice's Conversational Maxims

International Communication

Top Ten International Faux Pas (
Ten mistakes that are commonly made when dealing with people from/in other countries

Culture: Hand gesture (
Meanings of some hand gestures in various countries

Computational Linguistics:

AT&T Labs Text to Speech (
Interactive Multi-Lingual Demo

Have a conversation with ELIZA, a Web-based version of a person-centered therapist emulator

Alice Bot (
chat robot

Translate with Babelfish (

First Language Acquisition:

Seeking deeper meaning in the babbling of babies (

Second Language Acquisition:

"Secret of the Wild Child" (
transcript of PBS show about Genie


What is correct language? (
explanation of prescriptivism and descriptivism

Animal Communication:

"Can Chimps Talk?" (

"An Internet Chat with Koko the Gorilla"

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