Hypnos, God of Sleep, depicted in mosaic decoration at a Roman settlement in Risan, Montenegro

We have been in good health this year. Marc is now Coordinator of the Modern Language Resource Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Since CMU is next to the University of Pittsburgh campus, this is a most convenient arrangement! Claire continues at Pitt, where she enjoys teaching her classes and directing the Robert Henderson Language Media Center.

In March, we both went to Rochester, New York for the NEALLT Conference.

Later in March, we ventured into Texas.

In April, we were visited by our Chinese friends.

On the last day in April, Claire left for Southeast Europe, where she spent 3 weeks.

In June, Claire went to California for the Revolution Conference West.

In October, Marc attended his cousin Doug's wedding in New York.

In early December, Claire went to California again for a long weekend and got to see Mark again, but this time she didn't take any pictures!

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