Happy Holidays 2003

Claire and Marc Siskin wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season and best wishes for the coming year.

In 2003:

Marc started ITCare, an information technology consulting firm for the Pittsburgh area. So far, he has enjoyed his plunge into the business world.

Trip to Columbus

Back to Egypt!

Visit from Mark

In March 2004... Claire is looking forward to visiting Dubai, where she will be a plenary speaker at the TESOL Arabia Conference.

Digital Crochet 2003

Donate food at The Hunger Site.

Contact info for us:

Claire Bradin Siskin
Marc Siskin
5651 Melvin Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-2210

Phone/fax: 412-422-2881

Marc's e-mail: msiskin@edvista.com

Claire's e-mail: cbsiskin@pitt.edu

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