Claire and Marc Siskin wish for you the happiest of holiday seasons.

This year:

March: Marc and Claire traveled to California.

June: Marc and Claire joined Marc's parents, Joy and Seth, in celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Albany, New York. Son Mark flew in from California for the occasion. Go directly to the movies.

July: Claire traveled to Egypt to conduct the CALL Summer Institute at the University of Alexandria.

July: Those Fabulous Flipsides released their first album, Clever One.

November: Visitor from Down Under

Autumn in Pittsburgh: Claire and Marc are still enjoying life in the 'Burgh. Marc took these photos on the way to work.

Home improvement:
The big item for this year was installing a washer and dryer on the second floor. The requisite plumbing, wiring, and venting was major, but the result is a major enhancement in lifestyle. We won't make you look at a photograph. :-)

Digital Crochet 2002

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