LiveCode for Language Learning


The purpose of this site is to provide some useful resources for language teaching professionals who would like to create CALL activities with LiveCode (formerly called Revolution).


Website for LiveCode:
LiveCode Open Source:
Download the Community (open source) Edition:
LiveCode Journal (webzine for developers)
What is LiveCode? (video)

What do you love about LiveCode? (video)
YouTube channel for LiveCode
1001 Things to Do with LiveCode, by Peter A. Wood
Wiki for LiveCode



Tutorials and Lessons
Learning to Program with Livecode from RunRev, by Devin Asay
Converting a HyperCard stack to LiveCode, by Jacqueline Landman Gay
Best Practices in LiveCode Development, by Devin Asay
Fourth World Scripting Style Guide, by Richard Gaskin
LiveCode Mobile Development, book by Colin Holgate
LiveCode Lite: Computer Programming Made Ridiculously Simple, free e-book by Stephen Goldberg
Sons of Thunder links, by Ken Ray
Revolution for Low-cost Data Collection in CALL
Collecting Data for CALL Research


Listserv and Forums

(Excellent places to ask questions and get help)

use-livecode Mailing List
use-livecode Archives
LiveCode Forums
LiveCode Developers on Facebook
LiveCode User Group on Facebook
Subreddit for LiveCode



Revolution Embassy
Ken Ray's Tips and Tricks
LiveCode Sample Stacks, by Sarah Reichelt
Tactile Media
LiveCode Scripts for Language Learning
Audio Tutorial for LiveCode


CALL Software: 

CALL Software Evaluation Exercise

LiveCode Templates for Language Learning
brimEng - an app for Android

Red Hot Words


"CALL" stands for computer-assisted language learning. See CALL page for more information and resources.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016