Information about Concordancers

Web Concordancer:
Web Concordancer:
Compleat Lexical Tutor:

Online KWIC (key word in context) Concordancer:
Corpus of Spanish:

Concordancier français en-ligne:
DWDS corpus of the German language of the 20th century:
Available corpora in languages other than English:
Using concordance programs in the modern foreign languages classroom (ICT4LT Module 2.4):
Concordancing with Students (by Vance Stevens):

Studying vocabulary using concordances on microcomputers (by Vance Stevens):
Corpus Linguistics: What It Is and How It Can Be Applied to Teaching (by Daniel Krieger):
Mike Scott's WordSmith Page:
Using Corpora in Language Teaching and Learning (special issue of LLT Journal:
Exploring parallel concordancing in English and Chinese (by Wang Lixun):
Joseph Rézeau's "Data-driven Learning" Page:
ConcApp Concordancing Programs (free downloads):


Last revised: April 2, 2009